Today’s a good day! Some of the reasons are that my eldest son is settled back into his University home after teaching English in China all summer, my middle son has just started his first job and seems very happy! My youngest son has a few more days before going back to school and has been amusing our puppy Betsy Rose while I have been doing some of the necessary photography and admin that goes with producing fabric and wallpaper!

 wallpaper sample

wallpaper sample

Today is a good day. My Dad is visiting later and I’ve already planned what I’m cooking. The chicken is marinading in garlic and sundried tomatoes…The postman brought me GOOD post! My swatches of fabric and wallpaper arrived for my new collection Windflower Child and I was so happy with the way they printed that I have released three of them for sale already. Will do the other two tomorrow…Here are the pics of the fabrics below:


Euphoria, an upbeat floral

Blissful Blues

Blissful Blues, for a mysterious but serene look!

Eternal Flower Child Fabric

Eternal Flower Child Fabric

I’m delighted with how these printed, and am in love with the quality and fabulous range of fabrics available at #Spoonflower! Some of these are also for sale at my Redbubble shop so people who don’t sew can buy art on mugs, bags and much much more!

Happy September! It’s a time for new beginnings and new possibilities! It’s a beautiful sunny day and time for me to log off, but I hope you love these as much as I do because they are happy, upbeat designs for happy upbeat people!

Love Magenta

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Botanical Art

Hello again,

I absolutely love to visit Kew Gardens for their amazing range of plants and the botanical art exhibition there. Inspired by the traditional botanical art I sketched and painted my favourites in watercolour to enter in a Spoonflower contest called #Fabric8 which is in partnership with Moda fabrics. The theme of the contest is Botanical Sketchbooks and my sketchbook watercolours are below:

#fabric8 entry

#fabric8 entry #Spoonflower #Botanical Sketchbook

I included  some of my favourite flowers from my parents garden- Oriental Poppies, Anenomes and Peonies. For the watering can, I added a Robin and Mistletoe to give a nod to the winter months and the Holly Blue butterfly for added prettiness.

#fabric8 entry #Botanical sketchbook #Spoonflower

#fabric8 entry #Botanical sketchbook #Spoonflower

And here it is as a complete design, entered into the #Fabric8 contest

The rules are that Spoonflower and Moda fabrics will select 100 semifinalists and then the Spoonflower community gets to choose 8 finalists who will each produce a Botanical collection.  I’d love the opportunity to be paid for bringing out a fabric collection with Moda. Maybe one day I’ll get there even if it’s the “future me” :)

Over and out… Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Love Magenta

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Hello August!

Hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve written because I’ve been outside painting and puppy training, but I wanted to let you know about an exciting exhibition at The Art House, Southampton SO14 7DW. It’s called Summer of Buzz and features lots of local artists. Summer of Buzz is all about raising the awareness of the plight of bees.


Some of my bee themed paintings in my studio

If you didn’t already know, the Art House is a fount of music, arts and friendship. It’s wonderful atmosphere is a haven within a busy city. The reviews on Tripadviser speak for themselves and if you are visiting our city, please come and take a look at the art and eat some of the delicious cake while you peruse the arts and activities on offer!

The Art house

The Art house and yummy cake!

You can see some of my photos of the Summer of Buzz exhibition at and I have three paintings exhibited, plus a dress I made with bee themed fabric which I sell at Although my photo’s aren’t great, so looking is best in person! There are many wonderful pieces of art and photography by local artists featured! :)

redbubble cushion

redbubble cushion

For a while people have been asking me to sew them bags or cushions and I’ve (regrettably) had to say no because I don’t have the time, but recently I realised there is a way for people who don’t like sewing or can’t sew to buy my art on products. The ideal solution is a Redbubble shop to provide gifts and homewares bearing my artwork. I have also been asked to produce some customised gifts, which I’m happy to do if I can fit them into my hectic schedule. If you would like something personalised, drop me a line at and I’ll see what I can do for you.



Sending August blessings, until I write again! Enjoy the sunshine and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! Love Magenta

Magenta Rose Designs

Magenta Rose Designs

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Feeling the Sun on my skin

Hello there!

Last week I designed a hedgehog fabric and wallpaper, which is now for sale:

hedgehog fabric

Forest Friends fabric and wallpaper for sale at my Spoonflower shop

Early this morning I went on a lovely walk by the river with my puppy Betsy Rose. Here’s her Facebook page:

She’s is a peaceful little pup  who loves a stroll by the river:

Being by the river produces an almost meditative state in me that inspires creative ideas.

I also sewed a Kindle cover this week and a skirt, which I’m wearing.

Floral fabric Kindle case

Kindle case sewn with Majestic Magnolias fabric from my Spoonflower shop

Also I’ve begun working on a painting for an upcoming exhibition which is in the very early stages. The finished painting will be in a later blog.


Early stages of a country landscape

This month has been difficult due to a member of my wider family running away from home to join a cult. I have been doing my best to support those left behind as it has been a very painful time. Finding time to create new art and designs has been a therapeutic way of coping.

Finally, I am so appreciative of all the care and support I have received. I am so blessed to have wonderful friends,  a loving family and my beautiful puppy. I wish you a wonderful weekend full of things you love. Thank you for reading.

Magenta Rose Designs

Magenta Rose Designs

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English Country Garden

Hello again, just popped in to say that my English Country Garden fabric collection is now for sale at my Spoonflower shop

English Country Garden Fabric

English Country Garden Fabric

In this collection first is a border print, ideal for making dresses and skirts. It features white Magnolia and Holly Blue butterflies. Next is my Honey Waggle Dance fabric which is available in two sizes and features poppies, daisies, anenomes, forgetmenots, butterflies and of course honey bees. There is also a poppy polka dot. They are all created from my illustrations below

the buzz about bees

Honey Bees,

In my garden today I am happy to see my Rosemary flowering, my Lavender with new shoots and Bluebell’s in flower. My Forgetmenots are spreading from the tiny pot plant I planted a month ago and there is a large Dandelion, which I have deliberately left because #savethebees.



If you would like to see more pictures of my fabric and things I love, I have just joined instagram :) <3

Magenta Rose Designs

Magenta Rose Designs

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The buzz about bees.

Hello! It’s been a while, but I’m back! Several things have happened since I last wrote but the best one is becoming an Auntie to my Sister’s new daughter! We’re over the moon to welcome Sofia to our family! I can’t share pics, but I assure you she’s 100% gorgeous! :) <3

Today I ‘m buzzing to tell you about my newest design called Honey Waggle Dance I’d very much appreciate your votes and positive vibes in the bee contest at :)

Honey Bees Waggle dance

Honey Bees Waggle dance

Below is some of the artwork in it’s early stages. As the weather here has been so awesome and I love working outside with paints, pastels and pens I really loved sitting in the garden and designing this. Because my puppy likes to play (a lot) I worked on this design on and off  very gradually, in small bits for the last month and then threw it together digitally at the last minute.

the buzz about bees

Honey Bees,

Bee’s are amazing, and so necessary for the earth’s survival. Someone gave me an awesome bee quote “if we go, so do you”. Lets keep planting beautiful flowers to attract the Pollinators! Bees are the main pollinators, but butterflies and ladybirds also help to pollinate.

Waggle dance is a term used for a particular figure-eight dance of the  honey bee. By performing this dance, successful foragers can share, with other members of their colony, information about the direction and distance to patches of flowers yielding nectar and pollen, to water sources, or to new nest-site locations. About half of the bees in my design have their nectar sacs filled, or are filling them. :)

Fill yer boots!

Fill yer boots!

In our garden we already have Lavender and other flowers that bees love, but planted some new seeds at the weekend ( Little Gem Lettuce, Poppies, Wild flower cottage garden mix and Nasturtiums)… it will be lovely looking forwards to the first new flowers and knowing that the bees, butterflies and ladybirds with thrive in our garden. In fact, I want to give them the message “Come on in and fill yer boots!” (Well, you know, their nectar sacs! ) <3

Magenta Rose Designs

Magenta Rose Designs

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Full of the joys of Spring

Hello there! :) It may not be “technically” spring, but there are Crocus’ popping up to say hello and buds on the trees, so to me it is. If there’s Spring in your heart, there’ll be a spring in your step!


My puppy loves the brighter days

My puppy inspired me to create a puppy fabric and I patched Minky squares (actually 8″ swatches!) to show off the new fabrics and make a puppy blanket that’s truly snuggly and a one off! :)

puppy fabric

Minky blanket I made with new fabric from

My new collection below is now for sale, plus you can see all my fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap at  This vibrant collection (some of which is illustrated below) has been designed to bring a sense of joy and fun to every occasion and to suit all colourings. It’s wonderful that people are inspired to fall in love with creating their own bespoke garments and home textiles after watching The Great British Sewing Bee and I can see why: because there’s nothing like having something that you can’t find on the high street and sewing can be so fulfilling and absorbing!

Full of the joys of Spring

The joys of Spring!

What is happiness/joy? Some people think it’s winning the lottery, some people are waiting for a”happy day” to come… but what about all the time that’s slipping away?! I have learned to live in the now, to be fully present, mindful and to find joy in many “small” things that aren’t really small at all. For example, other people, my puppy, nature and feeling inspired artistically, I am thankful for those things. :)

Did you know, some of the habits of truly happy people are: that they clearly define happiness, find pleasure in the small things, believe in their own self worth, work on their personal growth continuously, graciously impact on others and have an attitude of gratitude. <3

Me and my Springy puppy

Me and my Springy puppy at The Art House

I hope you find something new that inspires you and that you feel full of the joys of spring! What new things will you do?

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Puppy love

Hello there! Happy New Year! Sorry I haven’t blogged for such a long time! Yes, I’m a month late with EVERYTHING, but I have been sidetracked by something small, cute and fluffy! (my new puppy, Betsy Rose below). She’s a Bolognese and is 16 weeks old.  We’re a bit besotted!


Betsy Rose, our new addition!

It’s hard to believe we’ve had her a month now and we are all sleeping much better now, which means I’m working on some new fabric designs at last! Hooray! Here are some more pictures of Betsy Rose while I continue working on my new collection. I need to get cracking too as I’m a month late ( with my self imposed schedule)

puppy and teddy

Betsy and her beloved teddy

puppy in garden

Betsy loves playing in the garden and going on walks too

Betsy is suprisingly tech savvy and somehow finds the time to update her facebook page from time to time! ;)

puppy in bed

Betsy in bed

She is growing fast and it’s brilliant to see her learning new things all the time at puppy classes and at home. I’m finding it such a relief (and I’m sure you are too) to see the days lengthening and getting brighter, signs of Spring everywhere! I will share more about my latest work another time, but for now it’s puppy love!! :)

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Hello there, what a busy time of year! In one of my earlier blogs I extolled the virtues of Lavender, my favourite herb and I harvested it from my garden and dried it so that I was able to sew and make therapeutic products with it. Lavender’s uplifting and soothing scent is invaluable for relaxation and sweet dreams. The fabric I made the gift below with is available at and designed by me. It just takes 2-3 minutes in the microwave, give it a shake and place it around your neck while you relax and take a well deserved break.

Lavender neck wrap

Lavender neck wrap

If you’d like to visit my Facebook page there are instructions on how to win one of these beauties! :) I love giveaways myself! This week I was fortunate enough to win a goody bag from Korbond worth £50! You’ve got to be in it to win it, as I always say. You never know when it could be you, so why not have a try! There are also lots of #Christmasgiveaways on Twitter at the moment too.

This can be a stressful time of year and as I haven’t been well, I’m sleeping with a Lavender bag and some Geranium aromatherapy oil placed near my head. Did you know Geranium is uplifting and a sedative too? It’s also supposed to be balancing and to improve imagination, which I actually believe because I have been having some tremendously detailed creative dreams! Geranium Oil is known to have an uplifting effect on your mood. It calms the nervous system and induces a deep sense of relaxation. It cuts through the clutter created by stress and tension and promotes clarity. Geranium combined with the heady scent of Lavender and plenty of deep breathing is proving to be deeply relaxing and I thoroughly recommend it.

Christmas preparations are under way here, but lots still to do! Parcels for loved ones to wrap…There’s the  Christmas cake to marzipan and the gingerbread house to construct, the alternative Christmas cake to make for those who don’t like fruitcake… and so much more! I think I might start the spring cleaning too ;) If I don’t get time to write again before Christmas I’d like to say a big thank you for following my work. I appreciate your support more than you know! Have an awesome Christmas and a wonderful New Year <3

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BOGOF and dresses made of cats!

Hello there! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog, so I popped back to say that I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and finding time for some creativity! I’ve started making things for Christmas already to give myself plenty of time to get things done as last year I was so stressed out and running late with everything!

Well, I said to myself that I’d be better organised this year and I am! By October I’d gotten all my Christmas fabrics and Christmas wrapping paper up for sale at

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil (kitties)

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil (kitties)

Guess what? It’s BOGOF at my shop til the 12th November! Yes, that means you can buy 2 fat quarters for the price of one! Excellent for making unique Christmas gifts and anything you like! I even have two tea towel designs and one cut and sew doll design included in the offer!

One of my lovely customers who is a new employee at Spoonflower sent me a picture of herself wearing the dress she sewed with my best selling Pussycat Summer Coral fabric (see below!) Jessica told me that every friday the staff can wear cat tops, how wonderful! I’m so blessed that out of all the many cat designs available, Jessica chose my cat fabric to wear to work every friday! 

Doesn’t she look gorgeous! I love to see finished projects that people have made with the fabric I design as it’s so rewarding! I’ve had a few more sales than usual so far due to the BOGOF offer and it all helps, especially at this time of year! :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Just because

Hello there :) 

This is part of a work in progress

Just Because by Magenta Rose

As I’m participating in a blog hop, I’ve been asked by some dear blogger friends to answer some questions about my work and here they are:

1) How does your creative process work?

Wherever I go I carry a notebook with me so that I can write down and sketch anything that catches my eye. I’m particularly inspired by nature and I love to create paintings, model with clay and design in bold colours that I put my heart into. Sometimes I will sketch something and it will be a long time until that drawing makes an appearance in one of my designs. I never throw anything away that I’ve drawn, even if I don’t need it at that time, so that I always have material to call on when required. Every day I write, every day I draw and plan. I work best on my own, without distractions, and enjoy tranquil sounds of nature as I do so. Often I’ll work on a piece for seven hours straight without eating (by mistake) as I get so absorbed in my work as I go with the flow.

2) Why do you do what you do?

Good question! I do what I do because it comes naturally to me to enthusiastically express myself through my creativity and, like all creative people, I am at my most happiest when my creativity has an outlet. Sadly I had to leave my “day job” because of my health, but I have thrown myself into creating because I make conscious efforts to concentrate on what I CAN do, rather than what I cant do.  To me it’s important to find ways of  keeping busy and creative to distract myself from the chronic pain I live with and to be able to bring a joyful burst of colour to other’s lives too while focusing on the good, pleasant and perfect natural beauty around us that deserves to be highlighted.

Quite simply I am at my most happiest when creating, and I love to make things that remind my customers of joyful seasons and events, for example, such as bringing summer into their home all year round in the form of art like my Summer Fruit design.  It’s especially rewarding for me when someone loves my work so much that they wallpaper their homes and sew clothes or home accessories with my designs. Basically, I do what I do because I love it, and it is the silver lining to my cloud (pain)

In a nut shell, I do what I can with what I have. Making people’s lives brighter, more colourful and producing new designs available that are unique to me, and not made abroad in textile mills by workers who are maligned and miss treated. Neither are my designs mass produced like the chain store fabrics are.  It makes me happy to provide a choice, to brighten this corner of the world with a splash of vivid colour and bold vibrant design while at the same time supporting this country’s economy instead of contributing to suffering in a foreign textile mill. I take pleasure in the fact that my designs are not available on the high street and that my designs appeal to people who love the same things as I do.

3) How does your work differ from others in it’s genre?

Because all of my work is hand drawn or painted and others make art the same way, the way I feel different to others is that my designs are my own and straight from my heart. Additionally, I tend to illustrate objects and creatures that I’m fond of. It would be against my nature to produce something I disliked visually and as each of us has different taste, that’s how my work is individual. Each one of us is unique and expresses themselves differently even within their given genre.  I know that I am familiar with the individual styles of other artists and designers and know that those who are familiar with my work recognise my style and recurring themes in my designs and illustrations.

4) What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working on some new Christmas designs for fabric because it’s “that time of year”, working on some new illustrations, enjoying the summer holidays with my sons, sketching, sewing and modelling. As it’s summer holidays my work has been scaled back a bit, but I’ll be firing on all cylinders when the children go back to school and I can concentrate on beginning some new work. In September I will be stocking my Etsy shop with some handmade items as it currently standing nearly empty due to the summer break:  

Today I am especially excited that I have an increasing range of fabrics for sale in which are printed in England at to complement my range of fabrics and wallpapers at

Here are my links to some of my talented friends blogs who have provided inspiration and encouragement to me and are taking part in the blog hop . Perhaps soon more may be added to the list! :)

Making the most of all the daylight doing as much as possible outdoors!

Making the most of all the daylight doing as much as possible outdoors!

Thanks for reading my blog! :) Have a great weekend!

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Today I thought it would be a good time to wake up my tired looking  kitchen chairs with a fresh coat of Plastikote spray paint (I love it!). It seemed like a good opportunity to coat some fir cones too. Better to do it this time of year, I thought.

The "just started" photo because I forgot to take a "before" photo!

Upcycling chairs

But as I worked, the clouds began to gather. This wasn’t meant to happen, no, not at all! As the raindrops splatted down, the chairs, pine cones and camera had to be rushed inside!

Two of each to keep all the boys and girls happy! ;)

Pink and Blue Chairs

What a silly sausage I am! Now I just have to hope my cats dont fancy siting on these for a while! Spray paint  is awesome stuff because of the way it quickly transforms things, I love it!

Half way there, these need more spraying when the weather is better!

Fircones pink and blue.

Unfortunately I have actually mislaid (somewhere in this small house) three huge bottles of acrylic paint in process magenta, process yellow and cyan that I wanted to use to do some paintings. They are 20 cm tall and I cant believe I cant find them! I need to buy more white acrylic too. I always use so much white when mixing colours.

Don’t you just love paint? I do! It’s such a nice thought that when you’re shopping for a bed, lamp, vase, table- anything for the home in fact, that the only thing you really NEED to consider is the quality and basic structure. Even if it’s the most hideous shade or pattern you’ve ever seen in your entire life-EVER, as long as there is paint on this planet it doesn’t matter.  So, whether it’s freshening up the walls of your daily life, painting a picture, or transforming an old piece of furniture, I love it. It’s fantastic to reuse things, to transform,  to create, to make do and mend, and most of all, to have something unique.

These are the fircones that had acrylic paint and a small amount of glitter.

These are the fircones that I painted with acrylic paint then sprinkled with a small amount of glitter.

The air is so fresh after the rain. That scent, it’s called Petrichor. After the rain, everything in the garden is fresh. The paint drying inside now, is fresh. I like fresh. Fresh is good :)

Oops, forgot to bring it in...

Coffee! Another thing that’s best fresh :)

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Tea or coffee?

Hi there,

Finally I finished my 2016 calendar tea towel and Christmas collection!  The tea towel calendar is inspired by my own kitchen shelf and the oddments of pink and blue vintage china I collect.  I plan to hang it in my kitchen as a decorative and useful wall hanging. It’s ready to purchase on a fat quarter of linen cotton and such an easy, useful Christmas gift to sew!

2016 calendar tea towel

2016 calendar tea towel

Did you know, there’s a calendar tea towel contest at Spoonflower this week? Its well worth a look as there are some fabulous entries! My calendar tea towel is entered in the contest too. Below I will share some closeups of it before talking about what else I’ve been doing:

2016 calendar tea towel close up

2016 calendar tea towel close up

Are you “full of beans”? Its the best way to start the day! ;)

2016 calendar tea towel closeup

2016 calendar tea towel closeup

To begin with I painted each component as a picture, but later on I completely redrew it on the computer. Things usually evolve when I’m designing- a lot!

2016 calendar tea towel

2016 calendar tea towel

I’m also selling this  new design and others at and

I’ve been so busy drawing and painting! There are lots of new fabrics, wallpapers and giftwraps at my Spoonflower shop too My dog Betsy keeps me busy too, in the best ways

Betsy Rose

Betsy Rose loves her blanket made with minky

Made from

This week I donated some art to a local charity The Waterfall Trust so they can sell it in their Redbubble shop to help raise funds to help vulnerable women overcome their addictions. Please do take a look and consider doing some christmas shopping there for a gift that gives twice.

That’s enough about me, enjoy your projects and this wonderful Autumn time, Love Magenta

Coffee and friends

Coffee and friends

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Today I saw more donations under one roof than I have ever seen except on the news. I have never seen so many people so eager to GIVE. It was awesome! Here’s the Tent storage room!


tents up to the roof…

food for refugees

A  bit of the food we collected for refugees

Storage room after one hour!

Storage room after one hour!

It shouldn’t take dead refugee children being washed up on the beach to make people help out, but apparently it does, and it’s far better to take action and do something positive. I’m so impressed with the generosity and community spirit witnessed today. We were given tents, sleeping bags, candles, food, toiletries, clothes and much, much more in our collection event organised by our local group

Local people came together in an awesome way to donate  and help with collecting, sorting and labelling supplies for the refugee crisis. Many people brought brand new items of clothing that they’d specifically shopped for and were very generous with their belongings and time.

donations for refugees

Just a small part of the donations we recieved for refugees today

The photo above was taken AFTER a human chain gang had been moving supplies to upstairs rooms for two hours and AFTER the whole upstairs of the church was filled to the rafters. After this the donations continued to flood in with adults and children helping to sort, label and categorise supplies. Much cake was eaten and the atmosphere was one of true solidarity. For three hours we recieved donations, and as one donator commented, she found it lovely that she was actually queuing to donate because SO many people were donating!

Here’s a link to find out more about what happened today

Giving “stuff” was the easy part. You know what? We now need a HUGE lorry or the money to pay for one so we can get the supplies to the men in Calais, the women and children in Kos and Turkey, and wherever else aid is needed.

If you can, please visit our page to donate and let’s get these supplies to where they are needed most. Quick. Before it gets any colder. Camping is not always fun even in summer…but enforced camping and being a refugee must be beyond dreadful. Let’s hope the world unites in solidarity as much as our local city has done, to give these refugees a better life. Lets not wait til refugees start dying of cold and hunger to get these supplies where they are needed? Are you with me? Are you ready to save lives, literally? I hope so.

Love Magenta xx

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Bright and cheerful

Hello there, Hope you’ve had a great summer! For me, it’s gone really fast! How about you?

I love being busy designing new happy prints for happy, fun people and my Redbubble shop is growing as I gradually add new work:

Botanical Fashion

Botanical Fashion, painted Amemones

As usual, the coordinated among us can buy the coordinating fabric and wallpaper at my Sponflower shop

Can’t believe it’s almost September! I love to surround myself with bright, cheerful and cosy blankets and cushions as the evenings grow darker and colder, don’t you?

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