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Hello! Thanks for visiting my page and returning again! If you’d  like to see what’s new at my online shops please check the links as you scroll down this page. If you’d like something particular and don’t see it in my shops, send me a message at Let’s talk about possibilities!:) All of the designs in my Spoonflower shop are available for Non Exclusive Licensing and I’m happy for you to sell things you make with my fabric as long as you credit me as the  fabric designer. I love to create bespoke designs for clients and I will  also consider Exclusive Licensing. Many of my designs are currently being used by Children’s and Pet Boutiques and self employed dressmakers.

My latest news is: that I’m currently working on a Japanese design and doing some painting. I will share more about these projects when they are finished. Exciting news!! The Spoonflower Berlin branch is up and running, so my European customers will now have their orders printed and shipped from there meaning no customs charges and faster shipping! Hooray!:) Spoonflower are also doing a bulk buy option, so if you sew for a living you might want to look into it. Thankyou to the people who send me lovely photos of the projects they’ve made with my fabrics! Here’s one cute outfit that made a little girl very happy!:)

Pineapple outfit

My Floral Joy fabric created in pen and ink and watercolor.

My design process uses pen and ink and watercolor.






I fairly recently opened a #Hampshire shop at #Zippi

I sell #British produced products at Plus, I also sell a range of art prints, clothes, gifts, accessories and much more at and &

Pink poppies goods for wordpressAdditionally I sell over a hundred and sixty designs of Fabric, gift wrap and wallpaper at (Currently printed in America, but soon available to order from Spoonflower’s Berlin branch!) This is awesome news for us in Europe as postage will be lots cheaper!:) If you sew for a living and would like to use my fabric for items you sell, thanks! That’s fine by me and I’d love it if you could credit me as the designer! Good news too as Spoonflower are doing a bulk buy discount! 

Did you know, you can order Magenta Rose fabrics in the form of a cut and sew kit at ? Exciting! You can choose from a ready made project, or create your own project by choosing your pattern, then choosing one of my fabrics! You input your size, choice of fabric and any special features such as choosing sleeves if desired. If you need any help, just ask!red dress for wordpress

Ok, here’s my bio: I’m a multidisciplinary artist who designs fun textiles and accessories, inspired by the beauty of nature. I love to use pen and ink, watercolor paint and acrylic paint in my designs and then edit them digitally to achieve my trademark look. I work from home, which my dog, cats and kids are super happy about.

Although I exhibit and sell my paintings locally from time to time, I also offer a coordinated look by bringing my latest art and designs to you in my online shops. My  fabric and wallpaper has been bought by homeowners as well as Interior Designers and the giftwrap at my shop is extremely good for decoupage.

If you’re looking to buy an original OOAK painting, let me know as I’ve got a gallery full that aren’t online at present.

Sometimes I put details of money saving deals at and you can also follow me if you like at & &

Thank you to all those who have supported me, bought a painting or ordered my  fabric, wallpaper, giftwrap, clothing, giftware or other products online. Not only have you purchased something original that you wouldn’t otherwise have, but you have also paid for essential items for my children and pets and enabled me to *not* be a “starving artist!”

Magenta x

                                                                  Magenta Rose Designs

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