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Hello! I am going to be building a new website when I’m not engaged in other projects, but in the meantime here’s a short biography and some links to where the good stuff’s at! ;) If you’d like to talk possibilities or have questions, here’s my email :

Ok, so here’s the bio: I’m a multidisciplinary artist who designs fun textiles and accessories for happy people, inspired by the beauty of nature. I work from home with my dog and cats for company, which is great as they don’t say much ;) Although often found exhibiting and selling my paintings locally, I also offer a coordinated look by bringing my latest art and designs to you in my online shops below:

I sell British produced products at

shell teacup to twitter

Additionally I sell over a hundred designs of Fabric, gift wrap and wallpaper at (Currently printed in America, but soon available to order from Spoonflower’s Berlin branch!) Below is one collection.SF collection

You can also order Magenta Rose fabrics in the form of a cut and sew kit at 

Colette Patterns Moneta

One of the Magenta Rose dresses you can buy at Sprout Patterns in kit form, how exciting!

Moneta dress from Sprout Patterns made with my Starfish fabric

Moneta dress from Sprout Patterns made with my Starfish fabric

The design above is in this week’s Spoonflower contest, so please vote if you like it at:

Plus, I also sell a range of art prints, clothes, gifts, accessories and much more at and

starfish blanket, one of many new products!

Starfish blanket, one of many new products in my online shops, see the links above!

Thank you to all those who have supported me, bought a painting or ordered online. Not only have you purchased something original that you wouldn’t otherwise have, but you have also paid for essential items for my children and pets and enabled me to *not* be a “starving artist!”

  Magenta x                                        Magenta Rose Designs

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