A Fresh Start in February 2017

Spoonflower Mosaic Contest entry

Spoonflower Mosaic contest

Hello there! I’ve been busy creating mosaic patterns for this week’s Spoonflower contest! Voting opens in the afternoon of the 23rd Feb, so please do vote if you like it!


I’ve been also painting lots of tropical flowers and birds because its cold here and I love to dream of far flung paradises! I’m so inspired by Flamingos, their habits and plumage are adorable!


watercolor flamingo

Watercolor flamingo accessories from my original art at www.artrookie.co.uk/magentarosedesignsI’ve been having a blast studying Flamingo behaviour and painting them in their various funny poses. Love these cute birds!

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Magenta Rose in SOUTHAMPTON, Hampshire, UK on Houzz

Hello! Here’s my latest home decor , art and accessories, plus matching fabric and wallpaper! Look out for all my new designs by clicking on the teal links further down the page!

Lions and bear art

Mountain Lions & bears in this week’s Spoonflower contest. Voting is at http://www.spoonflower.com/contests/bucketfeet-mountain-animals











Many thanks if you’ve already voted for me and the voting link is above if you’d like to vote and haven’t yet.

I’m so excited to share my newest designs for 2017 with you! You can find my latest work and room sets at Pinterest https://uk.pinterest.com/magentaroseuk/

Coral starfish wallpaper from my Spoonflower shop

Coral starfish wallpaper from my Spoonflower shop

Aqua Coral & starfish wallpaper at my Spoonflower shop.

Aqua Coral & starfish wallpaper at my Spoonflower shop.

Art Deco style pink-shell-wallpaper & fabric

Art Deco style pink-shell-wallpaper & fabric from my Spoonflower shop & ready made accessories from my Redbubble shop







watrcolor hydrangea

watercolor painting of hydrangeas in process


Here’s a bit about me: Inspired by the beauty of nature, I love to design fun textiles and accessories using a variety of art materials including pen and ink, watercolour and acrylic paint to achieve my trademark look. My matching fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap sells at my Spoonflower shop http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/magentarosedesigns 

I often undertake custom work for a fee and am happy to change background colors of designs, just ask! I can also create a personalized piece of art for you and help you coordinate your wedding using one of my fabrics as a basis. Additionally, I can also personalise gifts at my online shops, but email me before placing the order as I’ll need to create a separate link for your purchase. The links below will take you to my online shops:









For those who love to sew, I sell cut and sew sewing projects at  https://sproutpatterns.com/shop/magentarosedesigns  Additionally, I work with manufacturers worldwide who carry select prints on fabric and products. I exhibit and sell my original paintings locally and am happy to undertake commissions, workload permitting.


Gold pineapple-cup from My Redbubble shop


Contact me to talk about possibilities at

All designs  All designs ©Magenta Rose 2016

Chair at https://roostery.com/e?user=magentarosedesigns

New! Ready upholstered chairs and ready made home wares at https://roostery.com/e?user=magentarosedesigns










Thanks so much to my customers, I appreciate you all and love seeing my fabric in your boutiques made into clothes and accessories. ❤



My Flamingo watercolors and all my latest designs are in my shops (links above in teal) Have a great day and thanks for visiting my webpage!

magenta rose designs

magenta rose designs

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