Thinking in green

Hello again,

Here’s a great quote from Audrey Hepburn (not only was she an awesome actress, dancer, extremely elegant and super stylish, she also came out with some great timeless quotes!) “He who plants a garden believes in tomorrow” When you’re waiting for your plant to bloom, it takes time…Just as you can’t plant a seed one day and pick a flower the next, Perseverance is the hard work you do after you got tired of doing what you already did!” When you plant that seed, you’d better water it and keep watering it patiently! It’s the same with dreams.

Audrey Hepburn Ballet

Audrey Hepburn Ballet

Ballet is a discipline for body and mind. “Persistence. Patience. Perspiration!” Ha! Dancers know what I am talking about there, especially Ballet dancers, who have the most abused feet ever!! :) Anyone who wants to achieve ANYTHING in life needs to practice, practice, practice. Do you dream? Sure you do! Put some legs on that dream, add the three P’s and you’ll get there! It won’t be easy and you’ll have times you want to give up. But the times you want to give up are the times you need to push the hardest, to keep moving forwards, to keep your eyes on the goal. I love to draw analogies between life and dance.

Did you stumble? Then make it a part of your dance and keep going. No one noticed, I promise! Did someone put your dream down, so you got discouraged? That was their opinion. From their perspective. That person does not live your life, you do! This is YOUR life and you owe it to yourself to be the best you can and use all the abilities you naturally possess. Believe in yourself and be true to yourself, for there’s no one else you can authentically BE.

I’m writing in green because it’s been raining today and the garden looks especially fresh. It made me think of all the fresh growth of tender shoots. This month is a time of fresh possibilities: new starts for children beginning or returning to school and older ones making fresh starts at college and uni soon. 

waterlily  bud

waterlily bud

Something we do all have is a dream. You know, that thing you’re passionate about, that promise you made yourself, the plan you’re working to fulfill. Nurture the dream and add the three P’s. If you once gave up on something you wanted to do,  it’s not too late to go back and pick up your “baby”! It won’t be easy, but it will be worth the pain, patience, persistence, perseverance, perspiration and sacrifice because you will be fulfilled.

Waterlily after the rain

Waterlily after the rain

Think about it, Autumn always follows Summer! The seasons always change and remember, when you’re going through a hard time, it WILL change as sure as day follows night! Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is the present, that’s why they call it a gift. 

Love Magenta

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Just because

Hello there :) 

This is part of a work in progress

Just Because by Magenta Rose

As I’m participating in a blog hop, I’ve been asked by some dear blogger friends to answer some questions about my work and here they are:

1) How does your creative process work?

Wherever I go I carry a notebook with me so that I can write down and sketch anything that catches my eye. I’m particularly inspired by nature and I love to create paintings, model with clay and design in bold colours that I put my heart into. Sometimes I will sketch something and it will be a long time until that drawing makes an appearance in one of my designs. I never throw anything away that I’ve drawn, even if I don’t need it at that time, so that I always have material to call on when required. Every day I write, every day I draw and plan. I work best on my own, without distractions, and enjoy tranquil sounds of nature as I do so. Often I’ll work on a piece for seven hours straight without eating (by mistake) as I get so absorbed in my work as I go with the flow.

2) Why do you do what you do?

Good question! I do what I do because it comes naturally to me to enthusiastically express myself through my creativity and, like all creative people, I am at my most happiest when my creativity has an outlet. Sadly I had to leave my “day job” because of my health, but I have thrown myself into creating because I make conscious efforts to concentrate on what I CAN do, rather than what I cant do.  To me it’s important to find ways of  keeping busy and creative to distract myself from the chronic pain I live with and to be able to bring a joyful burst of colour to other’s lives too while focusing on the good, pleasant and perfect natural beauty around us that deserves to be highlighted.

Quite simply I am at my most happiest when creating, and I love to make things that remind my customers of joyful seasons and events, for example, such as bringing summer into their home all year round in the form of art like my Summer Fruit design.  It’s especially rewarding for me when someone loves my work so much that they wallpaper their homes and sew clothes or home accessories with my designs. Basically, I do what I do because I love it, and it is the silver lining to my cloud (pain)

In a nut shell, I do what I can with what I have. Making people’s lives brighter, more colourful and producing new designs available that are unique to me, and not made abroad in textile mills by workers who are maligned and miss treated. Neither are my designs mass produced like the chain store fabrics are.  It makes me happy to provide a choice, to brighten this corner of the world with a splash of vivid colour and bold vibrant design while at the same time supporting this country’s economy instead of contributing to suffering in a foreign textile mill. I take pleasure in the fact that my designs are not available on the high street and that my designs appeal to people who love the same things as I do.

3) How does your work differ from others in it’s genre?

Because all of my work is hand drawn or painted and others make art the same way, the way I feel different to others is that my designs are my own and straight from my heart. Additionally, I tend to illustrate objects and creatures that I’m fond of. It would be against my nature to produce something I disliked visually and as each of us has different taste, that’s how my work is individual. Each one of us is unique and expresses themselves differently even within their given genre.  I know that I am familiar with the individual styles of other artists and designers and know that those who are familiar with my work recognise my style and recurring themes in my designs and illustrations.

4) What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working on some new Christmas designs for fabric because it’s “that time of year”, working on some new illustrations, enjoying the summer holidays with my sons, sketching, sewing and modelling. As it’s summer holidays my work has been scaled back a bit, but I’ll be firing on all cylinders when the children go back to school and I can concentrate on beginning some new work. In September I will be stocking my Etsy shop with some handmade items as it currently standing nearly empty due to the summer break:  

Today I am especially excited that I have an increasing range of fabrics for sale in which are printed in England at to complement my range of fabrics and wallpapers at

Here are my links to some of my talented friends blogs who have provided inspiration and encouragement to me and are taking part in the blog hop . Perhaps soon more may be added to the list! :)

Making the most of all the daylight doing as much as possible outdoors!

Making the most of all the daylight doing as much as possible outdoors!

Thanks for reading my blog! :) Have a great weekend!

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Today I thought it would be a good time to wake up my tired looking  kitchen chairs with a fresh coat of Plastikote spray paint (I love it!). It seemed like a good opportunity to coat some fir cones too. Better to do it this time of year, I thought.

The "just started" photo because I forgot to take a "before" photo!

Upcycling chairs

But as I worked, the clouds began to gather. This wasn’t meant to happen, no, not at all! As the raindrops splatted down, the chairs, pine cones and camera had to be rushed inside!

Two of each to keep all the boys and girls happy! ;)

Pink and Blue Chairs

What a silly sausage I am! Now I just have to hope my cats dont fancy siting on these for a while! Spray paint  is awesome stuff because of the way it quickly transforms things, I love it!

Half way there, these need more spraying when the weather is better!

Fircones pink and blue.

Unfortunately I have actually mislaid (somewhere in this small house) three huge bottles of acrylic paint in process magenta, process yellow and cyan that I wanted to use to do some paintings. They are 20 cm tall and I cant believe I cant find them! I need to buy more white acrylic too. I always use so much white when mixing colours.

Don’t you just love paint? I do! It’s such a nice thought that when you’re shopping for a bed, lamp, vase, table- anything for the home in fact, that the only thing you really NEED to consider is the quality and basic structure. Even if it’s the most hideous shade or pattern you’ve ever seen in your entire life-EVER, as long as there is paint on this planet it doesn’t matter.  So, whether it’s freshening up the walls of your daily life, painting a picture, or transforming an old piece of furniture, I love it. It’s fantastic to reuse things, to transform,  to create, to make do and mend, and most of all, to have something unique.

These are the fircones that had acrylic paint and a small amount of glitter.

These are the fircones that I painted with acrylic paint then sprinkled with a small amount of glitter.

The air is so fresh after the rain. That scent, it’s called Petrichor. After the rain, everything in the garden is fresh. The paint drying inside now, is fresh. I like fresh. Fresh is good :)

Oops, forgot to bring it in...

Coffee! Another thing that’s best fresh :)

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Forest friends

Hello there!

It’s been busy here in the studio as I’ve been simultaneously working on several different projects, which are all in varying stages of completion! This week I entered two design contests too. One of them was geometric themed and I took my inspiration from the AMAZING Chrysler Building in America as I love this wonderful piece of architecture!

Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building

Inspired by the Chrysler building, I doodled for a while and it turned out like this! So, I called it Pretty Pointed.

Pretty Pointed Fabric

Pretty Pointed Fabric

Another day I’ll blog about how I got on in the contest, but for now I’ll talk about the other design I finished today called Bluebell Birdwatching. It’s for a design contest at Spoonflower and the design brief was  Cat Damask. Well, I looked at some Damask patterns for ideas, but all I could think of were curly ferns! So, I went with that, even though it’s not totally Damask… I’m not mad on traditional Damask, so that’s ok with me. Here it is:

 My Bluebell Bird watching design is inspired by the New Forest in Hampshire, England where I live.  I love all the curly shapes that baby ferns make, the gracefulness of mature ferns and the beautiful Bluebells that bloom brightly in our forest glades. This time of year the spiders webs look so pretty and mystical with the dew on them, so I have included some delicate spiders webs and some spiders too in my design. Pine cones are another seasonal delight, so I have included some just at the sides near the cats front paws. As always when I enter a contest, there are things I’d like to change but I just ran out of time!

I have called this design Bluebell bird watching because the cats are bird watching  among the Bluebells and so are the spiders, for an entirely different reason! :) It made me smile and think of the children’s story/song  called There was an old Lady who swallowed a fly  (do you know it?!)…because the cats want to eat the birds and the birds want to eat the spiders! Below is a close up:

bluebell bird watching

Bluebell bird watching

Next on the agenda is to work on this design a little more and get it ready to be printed in England…so it will be similar, but slightly different. I’ll write more another time. For now I’m going to take some cuttings of Rosemary and Lavender and plant them for a friend. I hope you’ll come back soon to find out what I’m up to next :)

Love Magenta

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Five Pounds off!!

Hello there!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve got something to share with you! It’s £5.00 off anything at Etsy! and my shop is

Five pounds off

Five pounds off at Etsy!

 I spent mine on craft materials and I’m sure you’ll find something that you love too.

Have a great week!

Love Magenta


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Esme’s Lace and Lavender

Hello there!

This week I’ve been stocking my Etsy shop  and I intend my it to be a place where I can sell  lovely unique handmade gifts and accessories, prints of my art and vintage goodies.

Etsy Magenta Rose UK

Etsy Magenta Rose UK

Today has been lovely and sunny! I have been picking more Lavender in my garden so that I can dry it and make Lavender bags and other lovely scented gorgeous things! Isn’t Lavender just the most tranquil and serene scent ever!

Lavender from my garden

Lavender from my garden

I’m sewing a range of handmade unique items, partly to showcase my fabrics that I’ve designed and partly to try and earn back some of the money back that it’s cost me to make them available for sale…Like any new start, it’s always hard in the beginning! But I love what I’m doing and put love and passion into all I create with my hands.

Lavender and Magenta Rose Fabric

Lavender and Esme’s Lace Fabric

The fabric in the pictures is one of my most popular fabrics. I drew it to look like crochet because I wanted to create a vintage effect and am not able to make actual crochet available as a fabric! It’s also available in other colours at my shop and coordinates perfectly with all the fabrics in my Sweet Cherry Pie collection 

Lavender heart fabric

Lavender heart fabric

The Lavender heart fabric above is ideal if you have Lavender picked and drying, or perhaps you need to rush out and purchase some dried Lavender!…I designed this fabric because I felt that it’s perfect for children learning to sew their first Lavender bag or for people in a rush (because the hearts are already there), printed at the right size. All that’s needed is some scissors, thread and Lavender for stuffing…what a lovely hand made gift and such special memories to be made by sewing together! In these days of mass produced goods filling the shops I feel that people appreciate something unique.

My Lavender fabric is for sale here If you run out of Lavender you can always make pin cushions…and I’ve known people make curtains and dresses from it too! Lavender is so tranquil…we need to treasure these last summery days and capture the essence of them to last us through the dark days of winter!

Lavender and Esme's Lace Fabric

Lavender and Esme’s Lace Fabric


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Picking up the threads

Hello again! :)

I just whizzed in to share a few of the projects I’m working on today. I do need to get better photographs of these (and actually finish a few of them!) but here’s a sneak peek into my world at Cobden Studios…



This is my window on the world. I hung the bunting up there after finishing it, so I could get on with more work, but will need to photograph it properly before putting it for sale in my Etsy shop. You’ll see some of my stained glass work there, mobiles that I made when studying design and stained glass at college in my younger days! One day I’d love to make more glass ornaments and mobiles…

Cherry Bowl Fabric collage

Cherry Bowl Fabric Art

Above is a piece of fabric art I’m working on. It’s multi textured, combining velvet, cotton, suede, leather, burlap, felt, embroidery and as I’m still working on it, it’s likely to feature even more textures when finished! I will post a finished pic another day.

Vintage fabric bunting

I love Vintage fabric!

Above is some vintage fabric bunting on my sewing pile…I love vintage fabric, and any unique fabric really, which is why I love to design fabric that isn’t for sale on the High Street. It’s so lovely to have something that’s a one off and not mass produced! It’s beautifully sunny, so I’m off outside now to get some better photographs and finish embroidering. I’m also working on some exciting new fabric designs, so please come back soon!

Love Magenta

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Busy Bee

Hello there! I just zoomed in here like a busy bee to say I haven’t written much lately because I’ve been  outside in my garden working on some products to stock my Etsy shop:  and I’ve also been working some new stock for my Society6 shop  which will be ready to order in a week or so. Made with love in my sunny garden! :)

I love sewing in the garden!

I love sewing in the garden!

Some of my latest work can be seen on flickr and you can also follow me on pinterest to see some of the things I love! I love all the things I make and design because I cant do anything Im not passionate about.

All of my designs can be bought at my spoonflower shop in wallpaper and fabrics and some of my fabric designs are available at, which I’m happy about. This is because it’s possible for me to design fabric and sell products made with my fabric which are 100% British products which support the British economy, and God only knows, this country needs more people to do the same!

I love the scent of Lavender while I'm working!

I love the scent of Lavender while I’m working!

The Lavender heart above is available to buy as a fabric to make your own cut and sew Lavender bags from my Spoonflower shop. I’m gradually making more and more of my fabrics available in the UK though, so please watch this space! I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and having a good week!

Love Magenta

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What’s pink, blue and fruity?

What’s pink, blue and fruity? My kitchen of course! :) Pink and blue are not just for babies and not limited to one gender or the other. Pink and blue used together perfectly balance each other, eye candy! The first room I ever painted as a teenager was pink and blue…although that’s quite a long time ago now!

magenta rose kitchen blue and pink

My Pink and Blue Kitchen by Magenta Rose

Pink and blue is natural! Think of all the pink flowers and blue skies! If it’s good enough for nature, it’s good enough for me! Spring brings a feast for the eyes to see those adorable cherry blossoms blooming against a beautiful bright spring sky as a promise that summer (fruit) is on it’s way. Summer brings the delicious luscious cherries that I love to snack on…

Have you ever laid under a cherry tree and gazed up at the sky? Cool view isn’t it!

Nature's eye candy!

Nature’s eye candy!

Even when I have chores to do, I find the combination of pink and blue positive and uplifting  :) Not suprisingly, the color psychology of pink is unconditional love, positivity and nurturing and blue is the colour of  creativity, trust, peace, loyalty and integrity.

Fabric collage made with fabric from my Enchanted Button Forest Collection Mug from my society6 shop and flowers from my garden

Fabric collage made with fabric from my Enchanted Button Forest Collection Mug from my society6 shop and flowers from my garden


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Sailing and relation-ships

Just suppose you have a wooden rowing boat. When it was new, you rowed together enthusiastically and the boat was shiny, bright and new, but few years later, you noticed that the varnish was cracking. Perhaps you tried to maintain it, but didn’t have the skills? Maybe one or both of you stopped rowing so that your boat went round in circles, going nowhere or maybe there was mutiny in the ranks and a shipwreck?! You know I’m referring to your relation-ship here, not an actual boat, right?

The reason I call it a relation-ship is that just like a boat, it requires teamwork, flexibility, communication and a commitment to maintenance to keep it afloat and shipshape. So, if your “boat” has sprung a leak and needs serious maintenance you have a choice between starting from scratch and investing in a new boat, (but rowing alone) or repairing the boat you already had formed an attachment to. Remember all those trips? Remember all those beautiful places you visited? What was it about that boat that made you invest in it?

Serenity’s Moon Art Print at Society6 by Magenta Rose

All long term relationships and partnership (including marriage) need maintenance. We maintain lots of things in our lives- our fitness, our diet, our cars, our jobs, our education, our hobbies, our families…but we need to remember to maintain our boat!!! Then it will be a safe haven, able to withstand storms and bad weather because bad weather and storms are guaranteed! Just like a boat needs constant maintenance to counteract the corrosive effects of salt water on it, all relation-ships need maintenance and care to counteract the drip drip effect of the constant daily stress and cares of this world. Like a plant needs sunlight, water and weeding, relationships need protection and nurturing.

We are sailing because we have learned a lot in hard times and have recently redone our marriage vows. It wont be all plain sailing, because nothing ever is, but we are forging ahead and discovering new lands in our relation-ship.

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